Our Board is made up of nine members – six who are recruited and three who are nominated by the Local Authority.

Our Board is ultimately responsible for delivering the Trust’s vision of improving people’s lives.

The Board works together as a team to make decisions on a wide range of issues that contribute to the delivery of this vision.

Board Members are remunerated to reflect the time and commitment required to deliver their responsibilities.

We operate an innovative system of Lead Board Members, with each Board Member taking lead responsibility for a key area of the business.

Open Board Meetings

Our Board meetings are held in public and we welcome anyone who would like to attend and observe.  Meeting papers are published here in advance of the meetings. Meetings are held at our office in Runcorn, Daresbury Point

Meetings for 2017:

26th January – 16:00

23rd March – 16:00

25th May 2017 – 16:00

20th July 2017 – 16:00

28th September 2017 – 16:00

23rd November 2017 – 16:00

Board Meeting Papers

Open Meeting – 23.03.17

Open Meeting – 26.01.17


Open Meeting 21.07.16

Open Meeting – 23rd June 2016

Open Meeting – Website – 19.05.16

Open Meeting Website – 24.03.16

Website – Open Meeting – 21.01.16 (1)
Please contact Katie Hamlett on 0151 510 5194 or email katie.hamlett@haltonhousing.org if you would like to attend.

Board Members

Ingrid Fife

Chair of the Board

Stephen License

Vice Chair of the Board

Mark Dennett

Audit and Risk Committee Chair

Arthur Cole

Lead Member for Welfare Reform

Angela Holdsworth

Lead Member for Finance and Performance, and Remuneration and Nominations Committee Chair

Mark Forrest

Lead Member for Corporate Social Responsibility

Kevin Williams

Lead Member for Development

Mike Fry

Lead Member for Property Services

Stephen Pimblett

Lead Member for Housing Services