Trust customers benefit from Homeswapper service.

Halton Housing Trust customers have recently taken advantage of the Home Swapper service, which allows users to swap homes with others in the local area.  The scheme has been particularly successful recently as residents look to downgrade to avoid under occupancy deduction charges. The Trust became involved in Homeswapper, the UK’s largest mutual property exchange… Read more »

Halton Housing Trust supports local volunteer.

Young local volunteer Keiron Gordon is clearing up his neighborhood with the help of Halton Housing Trust.  Keiron, 17, lives on the Kingsway estate in Widnes, which includes properties belonging to both the Trust and Halton Borough Council, and spends hours every week clearing up the streets. Keiron became a volunteer street cleaner over two… Read more »

Halton Housing Trust set to receive HCA grant funding

Halton Housing Trust has announced it has been allocated the full request of Affordable Homes Grant funding by the Home and Communities Agency.  The Trust has been awarded £6,199,000 to build 290 new homes in Halton. The funding, announced yesterday, was allocated following a round of bidding from housing providers across the country.  The HCA’s 2015-18… Read more »

Halton Housing Trust opens the doors to Digital First

Halton Housing Trust has announced plans to hold a Digital First event. The event, to be held on the 12th September 2014 at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester, will be a chance for others to see the Trusts journey and to find out more about their Digital First project. The Digital First strategy has… Read more »

‘Change the Grange’ winners announced

The Cheshire Police & Crime Commissioner John Dwyer, in partnership with Halton Housing Trust, announced the winners of the ‘Change the Grange’ funding on Thursday 3rd July. The project, which was announced in January, is a one-off pilot project allowing local residents to decide which local community groups received part of the £30,000 funding. The… Read more »

Halton Housing calls for your selfies!

Halton Housing Trust is asking customers to send in their selfies for their Annual Report. The Trust wants customers to submit a picture of themselves highlighting some way in which the Trust has improved their life. Selfies have become increasingly popular over the last 12 months thanks to clever smart phone cameras which allow you… Read more »

Halton Housing introduces ‘You’ to the LifeKit

Halton Housing Trust customers are set to benefit from a newly launched section of the LifeKit, an online toolkit to provide customers with a wide range of relevant information, advice and support. LifeKit, originally launched in January, is a one stop shop for customers providing advice, support and helpful tips for a number of different… Read more »

The Trust introduces mobile working

Halton Housing Trust employees and customers are beginning to benefit from the newly rolled out mobile working. The Trust, which has been rolling out the scheme over the last 18 months, hopes customers will see the benefits of the more efficient system almost immediately. The Trust went live with the system for its arrears service last… Read more »

New enquiries, compliments and complaints procedure

On Monday 30th June, the Trust will launch a new compliments, complaints and formal enquiries procedure called ‘Talk to the Trust’. As part of the changes we have reduced the number of formal complaint stages from 3 to 2 and we are introducing the recording of informal complaints, with a strong focus on learning from… Read more »

Digital First survey results

As part of the Digital First project, Halton Housing Trust is assessing how many customers are online, how they access the internet and what they use it for. As part of the project the Trust attempted to contact 50% of customers to ask a series of questions designed to determine how many customers would be able… Read more »