We are the largest social landlord in the borough of Halton, owning and managing 6,400 homes in Widnes and Runcorn.

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We provide many different types of homes ranging from semi-detached houses, flats and maisonettes to more specialist bungalows specifically designed for older people

Changes to how you access the Trust’s services

From April 2015 you will no longer be able to call into the Council’s Halton Direct Link (HDL) offices to access Trust services, they will however signpost you to the Trust. This change is being introduced as part of our Digital First project which makes it easy for you to access all the Trust’s services using our improved online services and removing the need for  face to face advice.

You will still be able to pay your rent at a HDL Rent Kiosk situated inside HDL offices – no need to queue – just pay directly into the Rent Kiosk machine.

You can access all of the Trust’s services including booking a repair, paying your rent and reporting Anti-Social Behaviour by contacting the Trust directly in the following ways:

  • Log onto the Trust’s website at www.haltonhousing.org  “Your Home/Pay Your Rent”.
  • Via our customer app, Live Web Chat; Facebook; Email customer.services@haltonhousing.org, Looking Local (Community TV); in person at our offices or alternatively telephone Customer Services Team on  0303-333-0101.

If you are thinking of applying to move home, please visit the Property Pool Plus (PPP) website www.propertypoolplus.org.uk to register.

If you have difficulty accessing the internet, there will be computer provision within HDL office at Halton Lea.  Alternatively you will be able to utilise the local library computers.





Who can apply?

Anyone over 16 years old can apply to go on our housing register. Please note that we only re-house under 18’s in exceptional circumstances. Entry onto the list is not automatic and certain conditions apply.

Please note that in considering your application we will consider any tenancies you have held over the past five years.

How do I apply?

Visit www.propertypoolplus.org.uk and follow the registration steps.  We will require proof of ID, (depending on your current circumstance you may also need to provide further information).

Watch this short film to help you to use the Property Pool Plus website:

Property Pool Plus film

If you are already in a Trust home and would like to move you will also need to register on Property Pool Plus. Once we have confirmed your proof of ID and accepted your application you will be placed in a band that reflects your housing need. You can then bid on available properties that are advertised each week.

You can bid for up to three properties in each weekly bidding cycle. When you place a bid, the system will show how many other higher priority bids are above you. You can change your bids at any point while the weekly bidding cycle is open.

A list of qualifying applicants that have placed bids will be produced when the cycle closes. The list will prioritise applicants in order of their band and application or priority date. For more information on how to place a bid look at the document below:

How To Place a Bid

Every 12 months we will write to you to check your housing situation and confirm that you wish to stay on the housing register. If we don’t hear from you within four weeks of sending you the letter, we will assume that you no longer wish to remain on the register and your application will be cancelled.

Visit Property Pool Plus to see all our available homes


Mutual exchange

With prior written permission from your landlord a mutual exchange enables you to swap your home with another customer. When you exchange, you take on the tenancy of the other person and they take on your tenancy.

A mutual exchange can help you get a new property more quickly and does not involve going on the housing transfer register.


Who can I exchange with?

You can exchange with any other Trust customer or any customer of a social landlord within the United Kingdom. This includes other housing associations, housing trusts and local authorities.

Home Swapper is the quick and easy way to match your needs with other people who wish to swap their house or flat across the UK. If you would like a mutual exchange visit the Home Swapper website for more information:



If you are worried about losing your home or have been served with a notice to leave or have already lost your home, contact Halton Borough Council’s Homelessness team 24 hours a day on 0303 333 4300 or call into a Halton Direct Link.

If you are a Halton Housing Trust customer at risk of losing your home, please contact us on 0303-333-0101.