Latest App Updates

There’s never been a better time to download our customer app. We’ve added some handy new features to help you make the most of it:

  • The biggest update is that you’re now able to self-serve repairs to your home; and tailored timeslots for your repair have been developed further with options such as ‘avoid the school run.’
  • There’s more information on gas service dates (when the last service took place and when the next one is due).
  • There are direct links to Homeswapper, MoveMaker and PropertyPoolPlus to ensure you have all the information you need if you’re on the lookout for another property.
  • We’ve made enhancements to the Give Notice section which tells you the first available termination date on your rental agreement, which will help you plan your move more accurately
  • Change my details is a new section which allows you to view and update your contact details to make sure you don’t miss out on important information. You can also change and reset your password plus you’re able to join in with surveys.
  • In addition to making a complaint, if you’re thrilled with our services, we’d love to hear about it too in our new ‘Make a Compliment’ section. There’s also full access to your communication history with the Trust.
  • You can now be more specific with your estate reports, with options such as ‘green spaces’, ‘grey spaces’ and a ‘tree problem’.
  • We’ve added in a news feed so that you can stay up to date with all HHT news, included the customer handbook and information on right to buy
  • There’s access to Lifekit, our online toolkit and guide to saving money and taking control. It contains resources including ‘manage your money’ and a budget calculator, ‘reduce your monthly bills’ ‘improve your job prospects’ and ‘get online’ plus help and advise on living a heathier life.
  • You can learn more about Universal Credit, with information and videos to explain how to register and how the changes may impact you
  • And there’s further guidance on the many ways available to pay your rent which include paying via Allpay (a secure online portal), request a payment card or to set up a direct debit, or use the IVR automated payment line.

The Digital First surveys that we have carried out in the last two years, have told us that 83% of our households have access to the internet at home, via a smartphone or device.

If you have not yet completed a Digital First survey, you can do so by logging into the app or portal, tap on ‘change my details’ and complete the survey within this section.

Alternatively, you can email: or call 015105105250 and the Digital First team will look to provide help and support with getting online

To download, use the following links:

Google Play

Apple Store