Trust Receives HCA Allocation to Help Build More Affordable Homes


Following the bid submission being put forward in September 2016, Halton Housing Trust have been delighted to announce that they have received £2 million HCA grant funding to build 62 shared ownership, and rent to buy properties throughout the North West. Development has already begun on some of the 40 shared ownership, and 22 Rent to Buy properties across 6 sites to ensure that the homes will be completed in line with the deadline stated in the bid.


After the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, which was delivered on 23rd November 2016, the government reaffirmed its commitment to extending home ownership through the SOAHP, which will run from 2016-2021. The grant being given to the Trust to build new homes allows for them to help people take that monumental step of getting on to the property ladder. The Trust is committed to getting the homes finished in a timely manner, and to the highest specification.  They have received a significant percentage of the funding towards the construction of homes to be provided in the North West Region under the HCA allocation.


The Trust’s Development Team have been working hard to ensure they provide a variety of homes that will meet all customer needs.  The Trust’s Development Manager Nicky Harris had this to say regarding the grant given:


“We are really excited to be allocated all the grant we asked for from the HCA in order for the Trust to continue to build new homes in the local area, and also enable us to diversify tenures to open up the housing choices for our customers”


Regular updates will be issued in due course regarding the exact locations, and property types the Trust will be using the grant money for. You can keep up to date on the HCA grant development properties by regularly checking the Trust website: and following the Trust on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.