Cyber Security Month: How to create a secure passphrase

In recognition of European Cyber Security Month (ESCM), our ICT Security Officer, Andy Tolley, shares some tips and tricks, to help you stay cyber secure both in work and at home. The first tip, is how to create a secure passphrase: A strong, long password can be difficult to remember. As an alternative, we can… Read more »

A Career for Life?

Career Choices Halton Housing currently own and manage 7,000 homes in Cheshire. We currently employ 321  talented members of staff, including 80 specialist trades people in our Construction Services team. Our Board work closely with our Executive Management team to ensure that we meet our promises and main objective – ‘Improving People’s Lives. But, what… Read more »

Day 4: Housing Stories

Today’s housing story is brought to you by Jo Maher, Halton Housing Tenancy Support Officer and Rachel, a Halton Housing customer. Rachel is a single mum with two young children, one of whom has special needs. Rachel originally called me as I had previously been her Housing Officer for many years. I had received concerns from… Read more »

Day 3: Housing Stories

Today’s Housing Story is brought to you by Jo Maher, Halton Housing Tenancy Support Officer. This case was referred to me as the customer was suffering with noise nuisance from a neighbour, he also has a heart condition and desperately needed ground floor accommodation. The noise was determined to be disruptive to this gentleman’s lifestyle,… Read more »

Day 2: Housing Stories

Today’s Housing Story is brought to you by Claire Cochrane, Halton Housing Tenancy Support Officer. I met Eddie around 8 months ago. Eddie was living alone in a 3-bedroom house in Widnes. The property was in a terrible state of disrepair; the gardens were badly overgrown and very dirty.  Eddie was struggling with his mental health…. Read more »

Day 1: Housing Stories

We here at Halton Housing help many customers, in a wide variety of ways. Some people’s requirements are small; others need a little extra help. This week we have decided we would like to share some our stories with you about what a career in housing means to not just us, the employees, but to… Read more »

Halton Housing’s Top Tips for Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour

Since the start of 2017, we here at Halton Housing have successfully managed to evict four tenants from four separate properties due to drug related anti-social behaviour. Halton Housing are achieving this success by continuing to work closely and co-operatively with Cheshire Police to obtain Closure Orders to evict customers who are disrupting local communities… Read more »

HHT Community Sponsorship

As you may or may not be aware, the Trust, by working in close partnership with Grangeway Community Forum members organised a Spring Fun Day event on the 23rd April, 2017. The event took place in Grangeway Community Centre, and offered Grangeway community members the opportunity to come together with their children to receive healthy goodie… Read more »

Wise up on Child Mental Health and Wellbeing

  We here at the Trust are supporting Young Minds ‘Wise Up to Wellbeing Campaign’ to encourage the UK Government to focus more resources on helping children and young people overcome mental health problems.   Pressures on children and young people are at an all-time high, the pressures placed on our children in 2017 include:… Read more »

National Gardening Week 2017

In honour of National Gardening Week 2017, the Trust have published a Gardening Life Hacks article on Lifekit. The article includes helpful and easy to implement gardening hacks, which anybody, at any gardening skill level can do to help brighten up their garden.  All of the life hacks included in the article can either be produced… Read more »