Home repairs - a man fixes a cupboard

We have two types of repairs categories – emergency and non-emergency.

Emergency repairs

These are repairs which could cause an immediate health hazard or danger to you or your neighbours or cause a significant damage to your home. When you call us we will ask you a number of questions to confirm your that problem is an emergency.

We will visit within two hours to complete a temporary repair and make safe and if required we will carry out a follow up repair within 24 hours.

What to do if you have an emergency

  • Report the fault as soon as you can by calling us day or night on 0303 333 0101 from a mobile
  • If you smell gas, contact National Grid on 0800 111999 immediately. Turn off the gas, open your windows and ventilate the property. DO NOT turn on or off any light switches or power supply.
  • If you have a burst or leak, turn off your water supply at the stop tap.
  • If the emergency is due to an electrical fault turn off power supplies at the main fuse box or meter.

Only report an emergency repair if there is immediate danger to personal health and safety or serious damage to property.

We will charge you for the cost of the repair if we or our contractors carry out work after normal hours on a non-emergency. We will charge you if the item in need of repair is your responsibility.


We will offer you an appointment within 20 days for any repair that is not an emergency. We will continue to provide a 24-hour emergency repair service, 365 days of the year.