Neighbourhood investment

Here at the Trust we have created our own standard for investment work that ensures we meet our obligations under the government’s Decent Homes Standard.

The Trust have reviewed our  the investment programme as a result of the Government’s implementation of its 4 year rent reduction plan. Consequently, we have made some key changes to the way in which we go about investing in our homes. These changes include moving away from a component replacement programme, which in previous years has been based on both a components age and condition to one where condition will be the most important factor when deciding what work gets carried out to your home. Our new approach treats your home in the same way we would treat our own. So, for example if a kitchen needs investment, we may replace unit doors, drawers and worktops instead of ripping out a whole kitchen where the unit carcasses are in good condition.  The new system is a more economical and efficient system that sees components upgraded in homes by necessity rather than age, reducing wastage and unnecessary disruption to customer homes.

The Trust have recently completed a thorough programme of stock condition surveys, meaning the Trust is now aware of what work needs to be carried out to which homes. These changes will be targeted on a needs basis rather than carrying out work in distinct geographical areas.

These changes are being introduced to ensure that alongside building new homes the Trust can, and are more committed than ever before in maintaining existing homes and assets.

Download the customer App

If you would like to report a repair or an issue in your home, you can do so easily by downloading our customer app.

Investment Works Taking Place 2017-2018

Some of our homes in the Grangeway area will be updated with new smoke alarms, heat detectors, window lock replacements and fire doors where needed. The homes to receive these investment works will be decided upon inspection from April 2017 – March 2018.

Flatted blocks will be audited this financial year, and many throughout the borough will be subject to investment works.

Many communal entrances throughout the borough will be subject to investment work, including: new lighting, signage and many more aspects updated.

Fencing programme

In 2014 the Trust put the fencing programme on hold for three years. Unfortunately, due to the Government’s rent cuts the Trust will not be able to reinstate the fencing programme for the time being. Further updates will be issued on the fencing programmed in the future, via the Trust website.