Amethyst Living Accomodation

We also provide one bedroom bungalows or flats within a self-contained scheme of up to 35 homes.  We manage three Amethyst Living schemes across the borough:

  • Brunswick House – Runcorn
  • Queens Close – Runcorn
  • Quarry Court – Widnes

Each scheme consists of:

  • 24 hour emergency cover and assistance from community wardens through a specialist call centre.
  • A communal laundry
  • A communal lounge with social activities
  • Landscaped communal gardens

What are the benefits of living here?

  • Good quality housing
  • Peace of mind – emergency assistance is available should you need it
  • A secure environment

Support is provided dependant on your needs

  • Choice of support to maintain your independence
  • Company and social activities
  • Retaining your independence

How can I get Amethyst Living Accomodation?

If you would like to be considered for this type of accommodation you will need to be over the age of 55 and complete one of our housing application forms.

We offer housing to those in the greatest need using an allocation system. We will look at your current situation, your health and vulnerability. Once your need has been assessed and you have been accepted on the housing register we will consider you when a suitable vacancy occurs in the area of your choice.

Other options

We also have bungalows available for rent for customers over 60.

For further information about Amethyst Living, please download our brochure.


Amethyst Living brochure