A customer meets with a housing officer

If you wish to end your tenancy with us you must normally give us 28 days written notice. Our Customer Services team will take you through ending your tenancy.

Before you leave we will need to inspect your property. We will advise you if there is any damage to your home that will need to be put right before you leave.

If you have made changes to your home without our permission, you will need to return it to its original state before you leave. It’s important that your property is left in a good condition so we can let the property to another customer.

Before leaving you should ensure that:

  • Your home is left in a clean and tidy state, with no damage
  • No belongings (including furniture, curtains, carpets, laminate flooring, light fittings) or rubbish are left in the house or garden, including lofts and outbuildings
  • You have told the utility companies (gas, water, electric) you are moving
  • You have advised Halton Borough Council’s benefits team of your move and of your forwarding address
  • You have arranged with the Post Office to have your mail redirected
  • You have cleared your rent account with us
  • Your property must be empty and no one living there
  • You have provided us with your forwarding address

Handing in the keys

Keys for your home can be handed in to any office by 12.00 noon on the final Monday of your notice period. If you don’t hand them in you may be charged a further week’s rent.

Please return all the keys to your home, or we will have to change the locks and the cost will be charged to you.


If any damage has been caused to your property, any rubbish or unwanted belongings left behind, or any unapproved alterations made to your home we will need to recharge the costs to you. These will need to be paid in full before you can leave the property.

Our re-let standard

We will ensure that all properties ready for letting will be offered to customers in a condition that is safe, clear and clean. This is the minimum standard that you should expect when you rent a home from us.

None of our properties are decorated unless the existing decoration is of a very poor standard. You will not automatically be given a decorating allowance. It may be possible that we would agree to certain items being left in the property for the new customer such as fitted carpets and fitted bedroom furniture.