What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

Your responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement. These conditions exist for your benefit, and make it easier for action to be taken against anyone that cause a nuisance to others.

For more information on your responsibilities, refer to the ‘Your Tenancy’ section of the customer handbook:

Your rent is due every Monday. It’s important to pay your rent and service charges on time. We will tell you the cost of your weekly rent and service charge at the start of your tenancy, and we will also give you a rent information card and payment card.

Support to manage your tenancy

We have a team of Tenancy Support Officers who offer support to our most vulnerable customers, helping you manage your home and giving you the confidence to eventually manage your home independently, taking control of decisions that affect you.  If necessary we will signpost you to other agencies to provide additional on-going support, with your consent.

How does the tenancy support service work?

The support is provided by trained officers who will visit you at your home to discuss the help you need, develop a needs led, personalised action plan with you setting out what you want to achieve and the support that maybe available to you.

If you think you would benefit from support, please email our team.

Often we will need to contact other agencies or organisations, advocating on your behalf. Tenancy support is not intended to replace any help you may be getting from departments and organisations such as Social Services, Women’s Aid or the NHS , but provides additional support to help sustain independent living in your home.

Help with your rent

If for any reason you are unable to keep up to date with your payments, you should contact us immediately.

If your rent account does fall into arrears, we will agree a way you can clear the debt by paying a realistic amount within a reasonable period of time.

While every effort will be made to avoid you losing your home, if a customer has persistent arrears and refuses to co-operate, we will be forced to take legal action, which could result in you losing your home.

Benefit, financial and budgeting advice

Our most vulnerable customers may be eligible for help with payment of your rent, dependent on your financial circumstances.

Claims for assistance must be made to 0151 907 8302 or via email at benefits@halton.gov.uk

We have three dedicated Welfare Benefit and Money Advice Officers, available to help you manage your finances. The team takes a proactive approach to help stop you from falling into serious rent arrears. We will make early contact and discuss acceptable agreements with you to clear rent account arrears. Sometimes this includes advocating on your behalf.

Trust employees act as Housing Benefit Verification Officers for the Council, meaning we can help speed up claims for housing benefit.

We offer a range of advice from welfare benefit checks, debt advice, budgeting, saving with Halton Credit Union to energy saving advice.

For more information call our Welfare Benefit and Money Advice Officers on 0151 510 5024.

Customer Handbook-Understanding Your Rent

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