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The Trust has three types of tenancy but only one will apply to you. If you are a new customer you will be told your tenancy type when you sign your agreement.

An Assured Tenancy with a Preserved Right to Buy

This type of tenancy applies to all people who had secure tenancies with Halton Borough Council and transferred to the Trust on 5th December 2005.

A normal Assured Tenancy

This type of tenancy applies to people who were housed by the Trust from another social landlord after 5th December 2005 and already had this type of tenancy. It does not have the preserved right to buy attached to it.

A Starter Tenancy

This will apply to all new customers of the Trust who have never had a tenancy with us before. It effectively means that you will have a ‘probationary’ tenancy for your first 12 months with the Trust. If there are no problems during this time your tenancy will automatically convert to a normal assured tenancy as described above.

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For more information on your tenancy refer to the ‘Your Tenancy’ section of the customer handbook:

Customer handbook – your tenancy document