Under Occupancy Calculator

Are you in receipt of Housing Benefit?
Were you or your partner/spouse aged 61 ½ or over on 1st April 2013?
How many bedrooms does your property have?
What is your weekly rent?

(excluding ineligible service charges, insurance etc)

How many people/couples aged over 16?
Do any of these people have a non-resident overnight carer due to severe disabilities?
How many?
How many children, that you claim benefit for, live in the property?



Do any of these children require substantial overnight care?
How many?
Calculator results:

You will not be effected by the bedroom tax.



Severely Disabled Children — to be allowed their own bedroom where they would seriously disrupt the sleep of another child at night if they were to share a bedroom.

Foster Carers — to be allocated an extra bedroom, even between placements.

Adult children in Armed Forces — to be deemed as living at home whilst away on operations.

Severely disabled adults who are unable to share a room due to their disability are exempt from these changes, and are allowed their own bedroom.