We can support you to manage and improve your local communities by helping you to create local, independent Tenants and Residents Associations.

A tenants or residents group is made up of local people who work together on a voluntary basis to represent the interests of everyone who lives in the area.

Being part of a group gives people a voice in their community and can help shape housing policies and influence decisions in their area.

Tenants and Residents Associations hold regular meetings, open to everyone who lives in the area, as well as conducting their business through smaller committee meetings.

Halton Housing’s Customer Engagement Team are experts when it comes to all things community, so whether you’re struggling with legal, financial or logistical queries – we can help with it all. We also provide full training on specialist subjects, and cover travel expenses for Tenant and Resident Group members to make being engaged with your community that little bit more manageable.

If you’re interested in setting up a new group, please contact the team as we can provide you with the right tools and advice to make your group a success!

Partnership Agreement

We ask all Tenants and Residents Associations to sign up to our Partnership Agreement – this is an agreement which outlines the code of conduct, rights, responsibilities, and good practice for the group, as well as the practical and financial support we will provide.

Partnership Agreement


Associations that sign up to the Partnership Agreement can apply for grants from the Trust, such as:

-A £200 starter grant to meet costs in the first year

-An annual grant ranging from £500-£750 for day to day running costs (only after 12 months of receipt of starter grant)

A development grant of up to £500 to pay for large additional costs that can’t be covered through fundraising (no more than one grant per year)

TRA Starter Application

TRA Development Grant Application

TRA Annual Grant

If you would like to set up a Tenant and Residents Association in your area and require further information, advice or support, please contact:

Debbie Jameson, Customer Engagement Officer on 0151 510 5185 or email Debbie.jameson@haltonhousing.org